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Customer Information

When you get your ticket

When you get your ticket, you should check to make sure the details on it are correct.

Check the date, time, flight number and that the name on the ticket is the name on your passport.

You should also check your baggage allowance. Each airline has its own baggage allowance and fees for excess baggage.

Passport, Visas and Health Regulations

It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the travel documents you need, such as passports, visas or inoculation certificates.

If you do not have the right documentation you could be denied from boarding the plane – and you may not be entitled to a refund or travel on a future flight.

If you do not manage to board the plane, you may be refused entry into the country when you arrive at your destination and could be flown straight back. If so, you may not be entitled to a refund from the airline.

Some countries also specify that you have a minimum period left to run on your passport.

It is also recommended that you check with your GP concerning the latest medical update for the country that you are visiting.

Special Needs

If you are likely to have any needs or medical conditions for which you think an airline or hotel might have to make special arrangements we ask you to inform your travel agent so that we can make the necessary suppliers aware.

Check In

Before the day of travel make sure you know the latest check in time for the flight.

We recommend 1½ hours for domestic flights (within the UK) 2 hours for European flights and 3 hours for international.

Remember that the check-in time is the latest time for getting to the check-in desk, not for joining the back of the queue. If you miss the check-in deadline your place on the plane may go to someone on the waiting list and you will have no claim against the airline.

You may have requested a particular seat, but the airline does not guarantee that you will get it, the earlier you check-in, the more likely you are to get the seat you want.

You will usually be asked some questions about your luggage. These are security checks and you should answer the questions carefully.

When you check in your luggage you should be given a receipt for each bag. The receipts are usually sticky labels that the check-in staff sticks to your ticket folder. Keep them safe. You will need them if your bag goes missing and you need to make a claim against the airline.


Airline schedules are subject to change without notice. It is therefore imperative that you check your flight timings with the airline when reconfirming your reservations.

Flights should be reconfirmed with the applicable airline at least 72 hours before each onward flight. Failure to reconfirm your onward flights could result in your reservations being cancelled by the airline. Any cost arising from not reconfirming flights will be at your own expense. We also recommend that you recheck your first departure flight timings in case of last minute alterations.

NB: Some airlines will advise that reconfirmation is not necessary however we strongly advise that you recheck the timings of your flight as schedule changes can occur at any time

Special Needs

If you have special dietary requirements please make your travel agent aware prior to departure.

We can request special meals with the airline (vegetarian, diabetic etc) and alert them to any allergies you may have but we must advise that this is on a request basis and cannot be guaranteed.

Lost Tickets

Take care of your ticket. Getting a new one is not as straightforward as you might think.

If you do lose your ticket, the airline will usually:

Ask you to pay for a new one. You will get you money back after the first one has expired without being used – which can be up to a year.

Or give you a new ticket but ask you to sign a “Form of Indemnity” to say that you will pay for it if the lost ticket is used by someone else before it expires.

You may be charged an administration fee for having the new ticket issued and the old ticket ‘blacklisted’.

Your rights if things go wrong

Delays or cancellations

If your flight on an EU airline to or from a destination in the EU is delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to a number of remedies. These remedies include a right to seek care, a refund, reimbursement, or compensation from the responsible airline in certain circumstances. Please note that you may claim these remedies only from the relevant airline, and will need to have a confirmed reservation for your flight, a valid paper ticket or e-ticket receipt, and you must have checked in for your flight on time. So that you can be notified by the airline of delays and cancellations, you must ensure that the contact details you provide in your booking are accurate. If you are affected by a delay or cancellation, you must contact the relevant airline directly.

Lost or damaged baggage

If your checked-in luggage does not arrive at the other end, or if it turns up damaged, you must report it to the airline staff, or customer services desk before you leave the luggage collection area, and comply with their procedures for the recovery of your baggage. You should also ensure that you keep the baggage receipts you were given at check-in.


Try to speak to someone on the spot. They might be able to sort out your problem straight away. If you are still not happy, try to find out who is responsible for what went wrong. Make a note of staff names, times, and any other relevant information. You will have a better chance of getting redress if you have all the facts. Put your complaint in a letter. Be reasonable in your letter and stick to the facts. Address your letter to the customer relations department of either the airline or here at Trayvale Travel Ltd. Keep copies of all correspondence. Send tickets or receipts with your first letter, if you are claiming a refund we will need the original tickets.